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This year, Qurban will be held on August 10, 2019. As you may or may not know, Qurban is a holiday celebrating sacrifice, and in that vein, many participants donate packages of meat to those for whom meat is a rare luxury.

As it does every year, Embrace Relief is raising funds to distribute Qurban meat to recipients in Africa, Yemen, Greece and even the United States. Coming from goats, sheep and cattle, this meat is humanely and hygienically slaughtered, meaning it adheres to common dietary restrictions.

Given its varying degree of availability, meat prices differ from region to region. Your gift of meat can save someone from malnutrition and disease.

Thousands of refugees have sought shelter in Greece. Many of them will suffer from malnutrition and other deprivations.

Since 2016, a famine has been ongoing in Yemen, placing over 17 million Yemeni at risk of starvation.

Since refrigeration is a rarity, many people in Africa sun-dry their supply of meat, reduce it to a powder and add it to other food items. For most, this constitutes their sole source of protein, which must often last an entire year.

Though not as severe as many other regions, 12 million American children face food insecurity and malnutrition.

Qurban prices differ according to costs within the country that it is sacrificed. Qurban donations will be collected in US dollars. Your donation will be used within the region you have selected. An estimated 90% of each donation goes directly to feed those in need.