Gift Policy Standards

All donations to Embrace Relief Foundation, Inc. (ERF)  support the mission  and vision of providing financial and material aid to the needy people in earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and all kind of other natural disasters.

ERF administers a number of fundraising programs to make every donated dollar improve the lives of needy people in all over the world. We will carefully consider the needs of the organization and will use your gift where we determine it is most needed, so that all donations may directly and indirectly support our mission and vision. When processing each contribution, we will follow our policies and general accounting standards.

ERF will not accept any restrictions on use of donations; however, if you specifically request at the time of donation that funds be distributed to a specific event or program we will honor such request so long as distribution does not conflict with other ERF policies.

If ERF cannot honor a donor’s designation request, the contribution will be returned to the donor. Third parties to a donation may not change the original designation of a contribution. Also, ERF holds the right to refuse any gift that does not sufficiently benefit the organization, is in conflict with ERF’s mission and vision, puts the reputation of ERF at risk or is prohibited by law.

Thank you for your support of Embrace Relief Foundation.